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Here are some other Islander-and hockey-related sites, in no particular order:
  • The Lighthouse: The Official Website of the Islanders Internet Mailing List is, IMHO, the granddaddy of all Islander-related web resources. Game recaps, team history, multimedia and access to a very good mailing list are all available here.
  • The Islanders have a new official site. It still includes all the requisite stats, biographies, game updates, press releases and ticket info.
  • The source for many of the statistics on this site is the Hockey Statistics Archive, which claims to be "a source for complete standings and stats of every pro hockey team ever to play." That ain't no baloney; check it out yourself.
  • STIC (Support the Islanders Coalition) is a group that was disappointed, to say the least, with the team's past ownership follies, but seems to be uniting behind the current owners.
  • is a place to listen to Islander games over your computer if you have a RealAudio player or a Windows Media Player. Yes, there are links to get those players if you don't have them.
  • ESPN Classic (formerly Classic Sports Network) occasionally replays games from the dynasty years. The site has a programming schedule that takes forever to load, but it's the best way I know to find out when past Islander games will be shown again.
  • is a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to discussion of the Islanders. Trade rumors, as well as a variety of opinions about players, management and games, are what you'll find here.
  • ChrisCov98's Page has nothing to do with the Islanders, but it's my neighbor's page and he's a nice kid. If you're into South Park, video games, wrestling, or lists of cool links, why not give the kid a virtual shout?

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